Complete PMO is dedicated to providing top quality service to its clients.  Read through our Mission, Vision, and Core Values and I’m sure you’ll agree we are the best fit for your needs.

What is Our Mission?

Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Complete Project Management Office is in the business of getting things done, and done right! Our mission is to offer the most comprehensive project management leadership, expertise, and experience to help you avoid costly delays by closing every project on time and within budget, scope, and quality expectations.

 What About Our Vision?

Get Everything You Want From lifeWe are dedicated to becoming the most popular name when it comes to Project Management no matter what the project is.  When you think of Project Management we want you to think of Complete PMO first and only.  Why?  Because we are absolutely dedicated to providing the best quality for our clients.

Our Core Values

CEO and Chief Project Engineer Jason T. McConnell is a certified 4th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo, and he firmly believes in the wisdom of the five tenets of Taekwondo.  These tenants have become our core values because they are simple and they make sense in any organization:

Courtesy: Treat others with as much respect as you would expect to receive.  We understand that being part of a Project Team can be stressful but we guarantee that our representatives will show respect and act with dignity and courtesy at all times.

Integrity: Integrity is honesty and honesty is a valuable trait.  But we not only advocate honesty towards others, but to also be honest to ourselves.  Being honest with ourselves is a truly powerful tool because it allows us to take responsibility for everything that happens which means we are now in control of what happens next.

Perseverance:  In the face of adversity it’s easy to give up and throw in the towel, which is why perseverance is the most difficult value to maintain.  We have to always remember that the only true failure happens when we give up.  We believe there is always an answer to even the toughest situations, it just takes a little creativity and a lot of perseverance to find it.

Self-Control:  Self-control often goes hand in hand with courtesy, but more importantly by maintaining self-control we are able to think more clearly and make better decisions.

Indomitable Spirit: Isn’t an indomitable spirit the same as perseverance?  Not really, perseverance is the drive to continue when you want to give up or it seems all is lost.  The indomitable spirit is much more, it’s having the courage to stick to your convictions and the deep seeded desire to prevail.  The indomitable spirit is the fuel that perseverance needs to keep going.