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Learn To Enjoy The Rain: Be a Happier & More Productive Person

I’ve lived most of my life in a desert facing 110+ degree summers and an average annual rainfall of maybe 8 inches at best. When we get rain it’s a spectacular event and people runs outside rather than inside to get away from it. Simply put … we LOVE the rain! But not everyone does…

I recently […]

Be a Better Leader: Get To Know Your Inner Child

According to Dr. Stephen Diamond, Ph.D., the concept of the Inner Child is not literal, it is simply your original and true self, the person you were born to be before any hurt, damage, or negative experiences. Getting in touch with that inner child is an important step towards becoming a healthy adult because it […]

Simple Interview Tips For Prospect Employees

I’m sure you’ve read those other articles … you know the one’s: “7 interview tips that will help you get the job” or maybe “Top 10 tips for landing the job of your dreams.” I just want to give you some simple advice that may help you enjoy a more positive interview … advice that […]

What Martial Arts Taught Me About Leadership

It was the summer of 1992 in the small town of Heber City, UT. I was the ripe age of 15 when I dropped my name into a drawing for 2 weeks of free martial arts lessons while strolling up and down the booths. The moment I walked away I forgot about it until I […]

3 Tips To Being a Persuasive Project Manager

All The Responsibility, None Of The Authority!
If I were to sum up Project Management in one mantra, it would be “All of the responsibility, none of the authority.” Unless you work in a Projectized Organization and have ultimate authority of all things related to your Project, then you understand exactly what I’m talking about.

As a […]