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Dealing With Unethical Business Practices

We’ve all heard “Survival of the fittest” but there is a misconception about how that works in nature. It does not mean the biggest, baddest, and most cruel animal survives just because they are strong … it means the animal most fit for the environment will survive. This is also true in business, the most […]

Servant Leadership: Doing What’s Right All The Time!

I ran across a couple articles today about Servant Leadership and it got me thinking about how this model could be used for personal growth as well as leadership growth.

For those of you who might not be familiar with this concept the Servant Leadership Model is a leadership philosophy where a leader develops a synergistic relationship […]

10 Tips for Handling Conflict

Any experienced Project Manager will tell you that conflict is often just a part of the job.  Handling conflict is a skill that all PM’s really should master in order to be successful in managing all key stakeholders.  Here is a great article from PM Hut that has 10 really great tips on how to […]

What is the value of Certification?

I use to work in the I.T. industry and I’ve often been caught up in the debate whether or not a certification adds value to a person’s skills.  I always thought that the PMP certification meant more because you had to qualify to take it, but this article does raise an interesting point that you […]

Lessons From Lincoln: 5 Leadership Tips History And Science Agree On

Project Management involves a great deal of leadership and organizational management, more than many PM’s realize. Let’s take some time in April to appreciate the great leaders in history and look at how we can improve our abilities by learning from them starting with one of my favorites, Abraham Lincoln.

Read More: Lessons From Lincoln: 5 […]