I’ve lived most of my life in a desert facing 110+ degree summers and an average annual rainfall of maybe 8 inches at best. When we get rain it’s a spectacular event and people runs outside rather than inside to get away from it. Simply put … we LOVE the rain! But not everyone does…

I recently spent a couple days in Portland and it was absolutely amazing … it rained both days! Can you imagine!?? However, after talking to a few of the locals I began to realize that they don’t particularly love the rain. Keep in mind that Portland gets an average annual rainfall of 43.5 inches which is about 5 times more rain than we get in the desert.

This really got me thinking about perspectives and how we frame things from our every day experiences, and how that frame can be flawed. In our professional world, we can all benefit from taking a moment to see life outside of how we live it every day and just imagine what it’s like to be on the opposite side of the fence. This is a great tool for leadership as well, because your subordinates probably aren’t willing to tell you they don’t enjoy their job … after all why add more fuel to the fire when it comes layoff time right?

Imagine how much more alive and happy a person could be if he/she could live in Portland while appreciating the rain like a desert dweller. Imagine how much more efficiently your projects would run if you could step outside of the defacto standards and appreciate an outsider’s perspective once and a while. Imagine what a well rounded leader you could be if you could see the same workplace from both the employee’s and the boss’s perspectives.

Practice appreciating the rain and you will find yourself a happier and more productive individual.