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The Project Management industry is growing, and if you fail to keep up with the growing demands of today’s market, you risk falling behind.  Project Management jobs are expected to grow significantly between now and 2020 bringing it to a $5.81 Trillion professional industry.

The bottom line is most businesses cannot survive without Project Management in some form or fashion, but hiring a Project Manager doesn’t have to come with an outrageous price tag.  Complete Project Management Office offers a variety of Professional Services that will give your projects the best chance to come in on schedule, within budget, and meeting or exceeding the quality expectations of your customers.  Here are just a few of the standard Project Management services we provide, but if you don’t see what you need here, just Contact Us and let us know what you’re looking for.

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Complete PMO offers highly experienced project and program managers with the leadership skills necessary to guide you to a successful completion of your initiatives. Whether you require resources long term or short term, we have the flexibility and talent to meet your needs. Some of the specializations we offer are:

  • Interim Leadership
  • Temporarily Fill Gaps in Skill Sets
  • Supplementing Resources
  • Risk Analysis & Management
  • Master Scheduler
  • Complete Project Management Solutions

If you’re current situation requires more attention or a customized approach, we will do that as well. Contact Us to get more information and to find out if what we have to offer is right for you.

Complete PMO offers support managing resources both internally to your organization and external vendors and subcontractors. It’s common for your organization to reach out to a 3rd party vendor for a deliverable with in a project, and it’s important to responsibly manage those vendors. We have the experience to manage and work on your behalf with vendors and subcontractors as well as resources within your organization.

Vendor Management

Your vendors have an agreement with you and you may find that there are interdependent deliverables that span across multiple vendors. We can help you identify those dependencies and manage the transfer of deliverables from one resource to another.

Resource Management

Understanding the resources and skills available within your organization gives you the ability to balance the demand for those resources and make good decisions. We will help you gather, organize, and analyze the resources available to your organization to help streamline your projects to enhance your chances of success.

In some situations our clients will have a deficiency or complete lack of a certain type of resource, and if that’s the case we will recruit additional resources on your behalf whether they’re going to be a direct hire or just a subcontractor for the project. We know what it takes for you to succeed and we’ll help you get there!

Project Management is a growing need in many organizations which creates a continued challenge to define project management processes, resource planning, forecasting, and other major business demands. Having a well managed Project Management Office (PMO) can address these challenges to make sure you deliver your projects on time, on budget, within scope, and to the expected level of quality.

Design & Deployment of a New PMO

If your organization is in need of a new Project Management Office (PMO) the first step is to take a look at the current picture and see what tools and processes are already in place that we can leverage. Once we have a feel for how things are, we can design a roadmap to deploy a new PMO based on your company’s culture and values so that you’re operating under the absolute best practices for you. We’ll work with you to identify and prioritize to establish strong governance standards and help you design custom fit tools like a Project Charter, Communications Plan, etc. We’ll help you identify what type of organizational structure is best for you and best of all we’ll be right there with you through the deployment, training, and maintenance of your new PMO.

Operating a PMO

If your organization is new at Project Management or maybe you already have a PMO but would like some help operating it, we will work in partnership with you to get things going. You’ll learn how to define and understand your goals and build a structure that will achieve those goals. Even if you’re looking for some quick process improvement ideas, we’ll be there to help. Running a PMO should be as simple as possible in order to get the best value out of your resources, and we’ll help you get there!

Enhancing an Existing PMO

Running a Project Management Office (PMO) and providing value to your organization is a challenging job to say the least. You have to meet with business demands, projects need to be done faster and with less budget, and the business wants more transparency. We can help your organization rise to the challenge.

Using Complete PMO you can take your Project Management Office to the next level. We’ll evaluate where you are today and identify where you want to be, then we’ll help you develop a roadmap to transform your PMO and reach your goals. Learn how to make your PMO more visible to the organization, help build a portfolio of strong projects, and meet the demands of Executives. With your help we’ll move your strategic goals into real organizational changes.

We are use to the tough situations, so if you have a program or project that is failing and you’d like to see if it’s possible to recover it, give us the opportunity to help you. We will start by reviewing the current state of the project to identify the areas that are in trouble. Some common areas of concern deal with scope, resource availability, roles & responsibilities, and project monitoring & control.

Once we understand where you are, our team of professionals will analyze your project’s current situation and develop a Corrective Action Plan to put you back on track. We’ll present this plan to you and the key stakeholders, and if it’s accepted we’ll help you implement it for maximized success.

Complete PMO can help your organization navigate through the complexities of organizational change to ensure you’re ready for change, prepared to lead the change, and able to validate & maintain that change. We will work within your organizations culture and core values to develop a Change Management Plan which will include the current status, the desired change, and how to monitor and reinforce that change post implementation.

We use a system of change management based on Prosci’s change management methodology which acknowledges the importance of paying attention to both individual and organizational change management throughout the process.

Organization’s do not change without the individuals who make up that organization changing, so we focus on managing the individuals by leveraging to Prosci’s ADKAR model:

  • Awareness of the need for change
  • Desire to participate and support the change
  • Knowledge on how to change
  • Ability to implement the desired skills and behaviors
  • Reinforcement to maintain the change

At the organizational level we pull things together through excellent communication and training. Change happens in three simple stages:

Prepare For Change

In this first step towards change we have to set the stage by determining just how much change management is needed for this specific project. To do this we have to identify the situation as-is and begin developing our strategy to implement the changes your organization needs.

Manage Change

In our second step towards organizational change we are going to focus on creating the plan to implement the change. This plan requires five key elements including:

  • Communications Plan
  • Sponsorship Roadmap
  • Training Plan
  • Coaching Plan
  • Resistance Management Plan

Reinforce Change

The biggest failure of change management is reinforcing the new behaviors you’ve worked hard to create, which is why this third and final stage of the process is reinforcing the change. We do this through a number of techniques including putting reinforcement mechanisms into play, running compliance audits, corrective action plans and celebrating the success of the organization. After all is said and done, we review the processes for a lessons learned that is vital to your organizational assets.