Jeff Thurman TestimonialI am president of a small non-profit club. We have a website that has not been updated for about five years. The website was functional but had no graphics. The site was maintained by a club officer. It was clear we needed a new website but the club officer had limited time and though he probably could have figures out how to create a new website, it just never got done.

Then along came Jason McConnell. What a gifted, talented, skilled, and patient man. In a word, Jason is outstanding. No, change that to exceptional. No, try exemplary.

When the website creation projected was started, Jason could see what our non-profit club was about from the existing website, but asked for direction on what to include in the new site. I gave Jason a rather long list of things to include, and since I am a person who envisions things but has no idea how to transfer thoughts and visions to a website, it was left to Jason to take my narrative ideas and turn them into website reality.

In this two or more month process, I learned that not only was Jason very talented in this black-art of website design, but perhaps even more important, Jason is patient and polite. There were a number of times when clearly I failed to communicate properly with Jason and gave him instructions that produced results that were not what I had intended. Not Jason’s fault; my lack of clarity or maybe detail in giving direction or outlining a concept. Jason simply said OK and took the additional time to redo a particular page or piece of a page, or sometimes making some magic in the background produce different results.

Jason was always quick to ask questions. And to give access to the test-site. When we got near the completing point, Jason gave me a link to share with the other club officers for their comments and edification. Then we did a test with the club members and Jason displayed his patience again.

We now have a wonderful website that has a lot of growing room. We plan on adding the ability for club members to pay for things using PayPal in the next month or so — the feet dragging on that is me, not Jason — and Jason has made provision for this already so that when I get the needed business arrangement with PayPal and the club’s bank completed, the process can be implemented with minor fuss.

Of added importance in all this is the follow up on Jason’s part. He has taken the time to give instruction to the club officer who serves as “webmaster” for the club, so that normal maintenance can be done and as club events come up, they can be added to the website for the benefit and information of all club members.

The club members have expressed real appreciation for the new website, the easy of navigation, and the graphics. I feel fortunate that Jason came along and volunteered for our website project. He did a fantastic job. We are all very pleased.